First Three Months of Pregnancy- Do’s and Dont’s- a Quick Guide

First Three Months of Pregnancy- Do’s and Dont’s- a Quick Guide

July 21, 2018 0 By admin
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Pregnancy can be a crazy ride full of surprises, sheer joy and a lot of panic. but in order to go through your pregnancy as smoothly as with a breeze , you should be prepared. Preparedness is the best tool you can have during pregnancy. You should educate yourself about the basic guidelines regarding pregnancy. The first three months of pregnancy are really just you adjusting to the idea of another human growing inside you. But, don’t let this get in your way of practicing caution. To make your pregnancy as comfortable and successful as possible, practice the following “First three months of pregnancy- do’s and don’ts”:

What We Do’s in First Trimester of Pregnancy:

· Exercising:

It is a great idea to exercise during the first three months of pregnancy- do’s and don’ts. It is especially good if your body was accustomed to some exercise prior to the pregnancy. Exercising in moderation helps you maintain your bone and muscle strength which comes in real handy during pregnancy.

· Eat well:

Having a balanced diet becomes even more important during pregnancy, as you now need to provide clean nutrition to two humans. One of them is growing and requires only the best food that is well balanced. At the advice of your doctor, adding supplements at such as folic acid, vitamin B’s to compensate for their lack is a good idea too.

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What We Dont’s in First Trimester of Pregnancy:


· Too Much Caffeine:

While you might find yourself reaching for extra cups of coffee due to all the tiredness from the pregnancy, consider this as an advice it.  Your caffeine consumption should be limited to 200 milligrams a day. Don’t just count in your coffee; you could be getting your caffeine from other sources as well.

· Curb Essentials:

Of the First three months of pregnancy- do’s and don’ts, this is the most important.  Not everything that your body is telling you is an unhealthy craving. Most pregnant women     decide not to give into their body “craving” carbohydrates. You should respect your body’s wishes. This might be your body telling you that it requires more energy. For a healthy you and baby, reckon to the cravings from time to time.

· Stress Out:

Yes, pregnancy is very stressful for the boy. In the wake of all this, some tension is bound to keep you up thinking. But do not let this hook you up to stressing out about things you cannot control or things you cannot possibly predict. With the hormonal waves, you can become a little sensitive towards various emotions and stress out easily. Try and prevent this.


The First three months of pregnancy- do’s and don’ts are basically focusing on a well balanced diet that is clean as well, reducing stress and maintaining healthy bones and muscles. You should also keep your caffeine consumption low and rest your body well.