Getting Your Probiotic Fix When Taking Antibiotics

Getting Your Probiotic Fix When Taking Antibiotics

November 12, 2018 0 By admin
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Our intestine is a place where different kinds of bacteria live. It is a lively place. Our intestine is one of the most important of our organs. The microbiota system of our gut is very complex. There are microbes that work together and some work against each other. When some bacteria make us ill we have to take antibiotics. It eliminates pathogenic bacterium.  But the problem arises when you are recovering from an ear infection by anti-biotic but it is also killing good bacteria of your gut. So you need to get your probiotics to help the gut to balance out everything.

What is probiotic?

Probiotics are living micro-organisms that intends to provide several benefits for gut health. We usually think that germs cause the disease to us. But the truth is we are surrounded by bacteria everywhere. Some are good for us some are not. Probiotics are the good bacteria which claims to make our gut healthier.

What does probiotic do?

 If our life is extremely hectic and does not have time for healthy foods then our body gets toxins through canned and takeaway foods. The atmosphere of our gut becomes suitable for bad bacteria and yeast. That destroys our total health and digestion system. You may suffer from malnutrition as well. These all can happen to you when you are taking antibiotics. So taking probiotic supplements will benefit you by killing bad bacteria. There are some warnings about probiotics by some researches so keep that in mind.

Is it important to take prebiotics with anti-biotics?

Yes, it is important. Whenever we are taking antibiotics it cannot really figure out which one is the good bacteria and which one is evil. It kills all of them. Mostly good bacteria live in our gut that is killed by anti-biotic in the first place. So you should obviously try to take prebiotics with anti-biotic.

You may think that anti-biotic is killing your gut bacteria then what is the point of having prebiotics at that time. It may seem a waste of money. But you still should have probiotic while having antibiotic because it is important to maintain as much as good bacteria as you can. It will ensure your overall health by making a balance. The gut health is directly related to our overall health, so you should even increase the number of probiotics at that time. But doctors have given some warning about probiotics, so talk to your doctor first.

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How to correctly take antibiotics with probiotics?

Give your antibiotic some space: At first, take your antibiotic and wait at least two hours to take your probiotics. The antibiotic works through the system and destroys everything that comes in their path. After the antibiotic stops working you should take the probiotics to keep the balance and let the bacteria thrive. Waiting two hours will make sure the antibiotic is fully gone.

Do not stop probiotic after finishing the course of antibiotics

Those anti-biotic has killed every bacteria that came in their way. So your gut has no bacteria left to keep the healthy balance in the gut. So it is wise to keep taking probiotics for some rebuilding. It takes almost a year to recover from the loss that the gut had. Rebuild the colony of bacteria by taking it regularly.

Take some natural probiotics too

Natural probiotics like kimchi, kefir or yogurt are not only tasty but also best as probiotics. There are some cons of probiotic supplements that the natural ones do not have. Also focus on some prebiotics like banana, apple, onion, garlic and all.


While there are many controversies about probiotics you cannot deny the fact that it does make difference to our health. This is why before taking it you should talk to your doctor. Consider your health condition and other things to see if probiotics will actually work for you.