Home Remedies for Joint Pain in Knees- Relief from Pain

Home Remedies for Joint Pain in Knees- Relief from Pain

July 21, 2018 0 By admin
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Joint pain is possibly the most inconvenient thing to suffer from. It affects your day to day movements, your lifestyle and makes you groggy. Joint pain can be accompanied by stiffness, swelling and it can occur in multiple joints at a time. The most common joint where such pain occurs are the knees. Knee pain can be terrible and can have you sitting in all day growling from discomfort. Knee pain is often contributed to by cartilage wear off. But, luckily you can relieve a lot of the pain by carrying out some simple steps. Here is some information on great home remedies for joint pain in knees.

Best Home Remedies for Joint Pain in Knees

Cold Compresses:

These are the best and most used of the home remedies for joint pain in knees. Cold compressions can help relieve sore, red, swollen knees. This is simple, all you have to do is wrap some ice cubes in a towel or just use an ice pack and press it gently against your knees. The cold helps constrict the vessels and thus the swelling is reduced, subsequently diminishing the pain as well. You should do this multiple times every day until the pain subsides.

Hot Compresses:

Hot compresses help with pain relief as well; they work primarily through calming the nerves.  You can use a hot water bottle and press it against your knees.  The warmth has a soothing effect on the nerves which eases the pain a lot.

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Turmeric Concoctions:

Turmeric is a very traditionally used ingredient; it has often been used to treat various ailments by generations of ethnic tribes and groups all around the world.  The popularity of turmeric is primarily due to the chemical called curcumin. Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties and is also an antioxidant.  In addition to all this, curcumin is excellent at pain relief too.  Consuming turmeric can prevent the development knee joint disorders as well.

It is recommended to consume turmeric with a warm glass of milk each day.  It is ideal to boil the concoction for about 10 minutes before consumption so that all the benefits of the turmeric can be absolved by your body well.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Yes,this citric blessing helps resolve joint problems too.  Is there anything apple cider vinegar can not to!  Apple cider vinegar can form an amazing home remedy for joint pain in knees.  This is to due to the alkalizing effect that apple cider vinegar has on the blood.  It also lubricates the joints and prevents friction induced pain.  Apple cider vinegar should be consumed dissolved in a glass of water every day. One tablespoon a day is ideal.


Joint pain can be very hard to manage and very painful.  But with the best home remedies for joint pain in knees, you can relieve the pain at home through compressions and a little magic from turmeric and apple cider vinegar.