How to Eat Keto When Dining Out

How to Eat Keto When Dining Out

January 10, 2019 0 By admin
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Going out to dinner tonight? That is great! If you are looking for ways in which you eat keto when out on a meal, then you are in the right place. This article is a guide to keto diet when dining in restaurants with friends. You can maintain your low carbohydrate diet lifestyle anywhere, even at restaurants and at friends’ or relatives’ places.

Here is a helpful guide on how you can eat keto when dining out!

Eliminate the starch

By all means, avoid starch. Refuse bread. Ignore potatoes and purge rice. The easiest way to avoid these temptations is by ordering a meal without starchy sides.

If you are ordering a burger, the majority of restaurants will substitute lettuce wraps in the bun. If they do not replace the lettuce wraps, then get rid of the unwanted item that could give you unwanted starch.

Most restaurants will substitute a salad for the starch if you explain your diet to them. If the waiter gives you a plate with a starchy side, then you have many options: you can ignore the starchy side, dump the starch in a trash can, or reorder a dish with no starch. .

Add healthy fat

Most meals served in restaurants are usually low in fat; this makes it difficult to get satisfied without consuming carbohydrates. Here is where the problem comes; you do not want to interfere with your ketogenic diet. You can increase the fat content of your meal by adding extra butter to the vegetables or meat.

You can also ask for olive oil and vinegar and drizzle the oil on the salads and your meal. Because most restaurants have vegetable oils that are not healthy, most seasoned ketogenic dieters carry bottles of olive oil with them wherever they go for dinner. You can find out more about the types of oils and fats that you should include in your keto diet at Konscious Keto.

Keep an eye on sauces and condiments

Keep an eye on sauces and condiments

Most sauces are high in carbohydrates, which can be detrimental to a ketogenic dieter. If you are not sure of the components of the sauce, then you should ask the waiter about the ingredients of the sauce so that you can make an informed decision whether to consume the sauce.

Sauces such as Béarnaise sauce contains mostly fat; therefore, you should prefer it over other sauces. Ketchup includes a lot of carbohydrates, so you should avoid it at all costs. Gravies may contain more fats or carbohydrates, so you have to check its ingredients. If the sauce contains sugar or flour, then you should not use it. You can decide to add the sauce by yourself to regulate the amount of sauce you will consume.

Discriminate the drinks

Low carbohydrate drinks are found in most restaurants. Wine is the perfect drink for ketogenic dieters. A glass of wine occasionally is not bad. Dry wine contains small amounts of carbohydrate and glycerol, meaning that it will have minimal impact on your blood sugar or insulin levels

According to Diet Doctor, beer should be avoided by all means if you are eating ketogenic foods. Beer is made from fermented grains, which means that consuming it will be like eating bread. You also know that high intake of beer causes abdominal obesity. Therefore, beer is not an excellent choice for a drink at a restaurant if you are hoping to lose weight fast. It is not a part of the guide to the keto diet.

You can instead order drinks such as champagne since one glass contains about 1 gram of net carbs. Skinny Bitch is a long drink with zero grams of carbs. Whiskey also lacks carbohydrates, and a dry martini is a cocktail that contains zero grams of carbs. You have a lot of drinks to choose from!

Rethink dessert

If you are still hungry, you can order a cheese plate or heavy cream with berries. If you have to drink coffee, then order one without caffeine or take herbal tea.  Sometimes cream or butter in your coffee is enough to make your dessert magnificent and satisfactory.

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Think outside the box

Sometimes you may not go with any meal on the menu. At this point, you have to be creative and come up with a meal that would be fine with you; a meal that is low in carbohydrates.

For example, you can order two or more appetizers. A plate of cheese and salad paired with shrimp cocktail is great for the keto diet.

Set rules before leaving the table

Going to a buffet? The beauty of buffets is the variety of foods to choose; there are low-carbohydrate foods and high-carbohydrate foods, too. At such events, remember to eat for health and enjoyment instead of eating to compensate for your money. Following this rule is an excellent guide to the keto diet.

Before you choose a meal, remember to avoid grains, potatoes, and sugar. They should never occupy your plate.

Using a small plate

At a buffet, food is always in abundance. You may be tempted to eat more than you should. The simplest way to tame your appetite in such moments is to use a small plate. It will limit your intake and help you in your mission to reduce your weight. If you are not satisfied with the first meal, you can always go for the next one.

Focus on vegetables, fats, and protein

If you are on a low-carb diet, then you should focus on vegetables and fats whenever you are at a buffet. You should choose the salad bar, seafood spreads and vegetable platters that are healthy foods. You can also add healthy fats to your plates such as olive oil, butter, and cheese.

Enjoy the conversation

Be present at the party. Talk to your friends and learn more about them. It is possible to get satisfied faster when you are eating and talking at the same time. If you are working on losing weight, then this is one of the best ways to tame your food intake.

Take the edge off your hunger at home

You can reduce your appetite at parties or restaurants by ensuring that you leave your house after grabbing a snack. The snack can help tame your desire to taste the starchy foods at the parties.


Maintaining a ketogenic diet when out at a party can be very difficult. But you can always manage to avoid the high carb foods offered at restaurants and buffets if you want to lose weight and enjoy other benefits that come with maintaining a ketogenic diet.