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Hello! We appear here for tell you that we are submitting guest posts who wants to increase their following in write for us and other health and nutrition sites. So if you want to be a guest contributor for write for us health that hurry to get in touch with us.

Benefits of Being Guest Contributor of Write for Us Health

There are many benefits which you will achieve after works with write for us. First one is you enhances your talent of good skills daily. On the other hand, you will get an increment of your fan page like more connectivity to the people in entire world. Overall, this is an easy and effective source to get in touch with huge of people in across the world.

Important guidelines for submitting guest post

There are some important guidelines written here and you have to follow it if you work for write for us: –

  • Words count

All the regular article must contains of at least 1000 words or more.

  • Promotion and Bio

You are allowed to include your brief bio and byline that containing the website and social media because it will works to promote when it go live.

  • Must be original content

This statement you have to keep in your mind that we do not accept those articles which are published to any other website. So, when you are going to prepare that article then you need to write it by only with the full research of particular product and full of written skin. Avoid those statements which found copyscape, other we will not accept your content. Try to make it 100% unique and full of information along with the best format.

  • Pictures

When in an article any high quality picture got updated then it looks more impressive and good. Photos makes so easier to understand any content. Try to use 3-4 pictures in the article which is relevant to the article and they must be high quality picture not blur or short size picture because many time it feel not so good in article.

  • Videos

You can also include any kind of video which is relevant to that particular topic. You can choose it from anywhere on the internet. But makes sure that the video should be education and informative.

  • Other contents

Avoid using any type of irrelevant content in the article because it will not allow by write for us team. Mainly avoid any adult kind of content which has any age limitation or else.

At the time of submitting of the articles to write for us team please make sure that you have completed entire terms and condition of write for us health or not. We would really appreciate your work if you do it as we are gave you guidelines to it.

Where do we publish our articles?

Write for us health is not have only one place to update these articles. We have lots of places on the internet and we publish it to vary to vary places. It mostly depends on the topic of the articles.

We are always looking that opportunity by which we bring some boosts to a particular community. Although! we mainly deals with the nutrition, health, fitness, holistic wellness kinds of submitting of articles. So, we actually want to bring so attention of visitor and reader in the health community.

Final Verdict

As this statement is very clear that what we are actually doing here. But we are again requesting you that only apply to write for us health if you have better knowledge and good skill about how to write an articles or contents. Once we upload your written articles on the internet or a website then it will never delete from there, so it becomes so necessary that you should keep all the steps in the mind. Don’t share or upload those articles or contents what you already given to write for us. If it will happen in future then this kind of activity will not ignore and you can lose your best of opportunity to be dependent and able to write for some big fort.

If you have any query then contact us – [email protected]

Thank You